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We introduce: a new collaboration with broker network Baerz & Co

We introduce: a new collaboration with broker network Baerz & Co

We have started a collaboration with Baerz & Co. A company that is a collaboration of several Dutch high-end real estate agents, architects, contractors and interior consultants at home and abroad. Here you can read what it means.

We have started a collaboration with Baerz & Co. The Dutch luxury home platform in which the most prestigious real estate agencies in the Netherlands work together in a unique way and now also with affiliated high-end real estate agencies abroad. In addition, Baerz & Co offers additional services in the management of architecture, (re)construction, design and landscaping. Here you can read all about Baerz & Co.

Broker network

Baerz & Co is a forum for a large European broker network in the exclusive segment. Baerz & Co international assists wealthy individuals from the Netherlands with the purchase of an exclusive house abroad. The partnership now consists of 25 top offices in the Netherlands and Spain. El Fike is now also part of this and we are very pleased with that.

What’s in it for you

The cooperation between El Fike and Baerz & Co is an extension between your trusted broker in the Netherlands and in this case El Fike in Spain. When you are looking for a second home abroad, your real estate agent connects you through Baerz & Co to a real estate agent abroad of the same top level. Interested? Visit our page on the website of Baerz & Co.

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Source: Baerz & Co – Photo: Pexels and Baerz & Co


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