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6 x this you should see in the beautiful Seville

6 x this you should see in the beautiful Seville

We recently wrote about the delicious restaurants Seville has to offer. Now it’s the turn of the sights.

1. Catedral de Seville

Catedral de Seville, also called Catedral de Santa Maria de la Sede, is one of the most famous sights in the city. It is the largest Gothic church in Europe and is certainly not to be missed. The building has a length of 127 meters long, 83 meters wide and 43 meters high. From the roof of the cathedral you have a beautiful view over the city. Nice to know: this cathedral is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

2. Plaza de España

This beautiful square is located in the middle of Parque de María Luisa. You can find here Plaza de España which was built on the occasion of the Ibero-American exhibition in 1929. This Exposición Ibero-Americana was a worldwide exhibition where several countries presented their own pavilion. This resulted in the half-moon-shaped plaza, each with its own authentic buildings. The represented countries are: Portugal, Brazil and the United States. Former overseas territories and various Spanish provinces also have a construction on the square. Furthermore, at the bottom of these buildings you will find the most beautiful tile mosaics.

3. River Gualdaquivir

Why is this river an attraction in Seville? Along the water there are very nice places to have a drink, relax and enjoy the view. You can visit several bars for a ‘tinto de verano’ and Spanish nuts. Some bars play lounge music to create a good atmosphere. Interesting to know: the Gualdquivir is the second longest river that flows through Spain. It starts in the city of Quesada, flows through Cordoba and Seville and ends in the coastal city of Bonanza.

4. Royal Palace ‘La Alcázar’

La Alcázar (Reales Alcázares de Sevilla) is the royal palace of Seville. It is said to be the oldest palace in Europe still in use. Every king who came to live in the palace added a ‘new’ style to certain parts of the building. There you will find Moorish, Gothic and Renaissance styles. The same goes for the beautiful gardens. Are you a lover? Then a visit to the palace is definitely worthwhile. Tip: if you are planning a visit to Seville, book your ticket for Lá Alcázar at least two days in advance, so you’re not in line.

5. The Triana district

The Spanish Triana is a vibrant district full of history in the west of Seville. This district is particularly known for the production of azulejos (ornamental tiles). But it is also said that Triana is part of the birth of the ‘Flamenco’, because of the (then – 1400-1500) prevailing gypsy culture. Torre Triana is also something you should not miss. Architect Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oiza was inspired by the design by the Castle of Angels in Rome and this is clearly reflected in the authentic building.

6. Metropol Parasol

One of the most recently developed attractions in Seville is ‘Metropol Parasol’. In Spanish: Las Setas de Seville. The wooden construction is the result of a competition in 2004 that the city had set up. The impressive structure not only covers Plaza de la Encarnación, but in and under the parasols there are also several cafés, a museum and a farmer’s market. To top it all off: a beautiful walk on top of the construction with a view over the city.

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Source: El Fike Málaga – Photo: Pexels


Anneloes Schohaus

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