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We are Geert and Valery two driven real estate professionals who have founded El Fike. Together with our children we moved to Malaga and live here with great pleasure! We both worked as a real estate agent in Nijmegen (the Netherlands) for over many years and we felt the time was right to bring this experience to Spain. We also love the environment and lifestyle in southern Spain! We believe that Andalusia has much to offer besides an ideal climate! There is so much beauty to admire in this region, sights that we are going to share with you in our blog.

When we searched for a house for the first time in Andalusia it did not run completely as we had hoped. In addition to the language barrier, which was still there at the time, the way of working was also different from what we had expected and hoped for. When we faced this a second time, we knew that we would take a different approach ourselves. We started El Fike with our enormous knowledge of real estate and our long experience in real estate brokerage. We are now familiar with local customs and market conditions and speak the language, which enables us to define a good strategy and give the right advice.

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You can also read our customer guide about ‘how to buy a house in Spain‘.


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