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Malaga - Puerta - El Fike

Málaga is located in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia and is after Seville the largest city of the region and the capital of the province of the same name.

The city has 570,000 inhabitants with eleven different neighbourhoods, which are definitely worth a visit!


This district used to be the industrial area of the city. The inhabitants of Málaga were mainly fishing, so given the location at the harbour, the presence of industry was logical. Over the years a lot has changed. The area where the new port has been realized has become a fantastic area with many restaurants and shops. Where there used to be factories there are now large apartment towers with fantastic views over the harbour, the city and the sea. The famous ‘Plaza de toros La Malagueta’ is also located in this district. Probably the biggest attraction of La Malagueta is the beach with the same name. Here, the inhabitants and tourists of Málaga combine the pleasure of the city with the pleasure of the beach. Here you can experience a lovely day at the beach with a good lunch at one of the beach bars, the chiringuitos! The supply of houses is therefore often only offered as apartments.

Centro Histórico

In the heart of the city of Málaga, as the name suggests, much of the history of the city is still visible. Here the Romans and the Moors have built a beautiful city centre with different styles. In the historical centre you will find the most famous sights of Málaga, such as the cathedral, the Alcazaba fortress and the Teatro Romano. There is always something to do in the city centre of Málaga. The cozy hustle and bustle on the terraces in the streets is very addictive. The mix of tourists and Malagueños enjoying the sun make the city a really cozy place to be. Here you can only find apartments, which are usually historic and old and therefore beautiful. The apartments usually do not have or have no large outdoor spaces, but the possibilities on the terraces in the city are inexhaustible!


The district of the arts: an quirky district with several nice restaurants, coffee bars and shops. A former underprivileged neighbourhood that has had a big boost by giving street artists the opportunity to brighten up the neighbourhood by means of murals. Also in this area are only apartments to be found. A beautiful place to live relatively quietly in the middle of a bustling neighborhood and between the harbor and the center!


This district on the border of the city centre is known as the birthplace of Pablo Picasso. Plaza de la Merced is the heart of the district, where there are many restaurants and bar and therefore a nice place to spend your time in the evenings. In the evening it is also very cozy to stay. Right next to the square is the new food market Mercado Merced, built in an old mercado. In the district of la Merced you will find a wide range of different apartments.

Due to the constant flow of tourists, this place is well suited for buying apartments as an investment. We will be happy to talk to you about the possibilities!

Parking in the center:

Because not every apartment has its own parking garage, here is a short overview of the parking garages in the centre of Málaga:

  • Plaza de la Marina, which opens onto Calle Larios and is very centrally located and is reasonably spacious;
  • Muello Uno, which comes out in the harbor and is spacious;
  • Tejon, a car park next to the food hall Mercado central atarazanas. This is located in the center and is relatively cheap, but is very tightly set up.

Besides the city center there are two other important and popular neighborhoods east of Málaga where we regularly act as a real estate agent, these are:

Pedregralejo and El Palo

These are the old fishing village east of Málaga which are often visited by Malegueñas during weekends and summer. From Pedregalejo to El Palo is a long boulevard with mainly fish restaurants.

On the boulevard of Pedregalejo are the traditional fish restaurants alternated with trendy restaurants / bars where especially from Friday to Sunday is cozy crowd.

In El Palo the fish restaurants are usually traditional, where the fish is prepared on the grill on a boat on the beach. Here is a delicious lunch among with Spanish families overlooking the beach.

In general, it is difficult to find a parking space in these neighbourhoods. Often it’s a bit of a drive through the streets looking for a free spot. In El Palo is a parking garage in the Calle Alonso Carrillo de Albornoz.

In El Palo and Pedregalejo are several types of houses available. We would like to show you the possibilities. Please note that the houses in some parts of these neighbourhoods are still on illegal land, which is still tolerated by the municipality, but which will not always remain the case. We would therefore be happy to advise you in order to prevent future worries.

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